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Saturday, April 17th 2010

2:24 AM

Britney Spears opened unretouched Photos from her ad

Singer Britney Spears, 28, is letting it all hang out.

She has released unretouched photos from her 2009 Candie's photo shoot alongside the digitally-altered ones.

In the first photo, she stares seductively into the camera with her arms behind her head while wearing a pink, cut-out bathing suit. In the ad, her thighs and midsection are slimmer and blemishes have been removed from her calves. In the second photo, shot from behind, Spears holds her arms above her head while looking over her shoulder.

Compared to the original, a small patch of cellulite is removed, her booty appears smaller and a back tattoo is gone. A source close to Spears tells the UK Daily Mirror that she allowed the photos to be released to highlight the enormous pressure women are under to look perfect in Hollywood.

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Monday, September 21st 2009

3:10 AM

Purple make up

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Friday, September 18th 2009

3:08 AM

Bad bra alert

As we’ve mentioned before, about 80% of all women wear the wrong size. As a consequence, a bad makes you feel uncomfortable, it looks unflattering and it simply doesn’t feel right.

As experts say, a bad can affect your well-being as well.

If you wear a with overly-tight straps for quite a long time it can cause permanent indentations in the top of the shoulders.

Know more…

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Tuesday, September 15th 2009

3:01 AM

How to be styled as Megan Fox

Megan Fox has quickly risen to become one of America's most famous actresses especially after the release of Transformers. She is also regarded as one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses and you can find her pictures everywhere. Here are some tips to help you dress like Megan Fox.

Read more>>
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Saturday, September 12th 2009

2:59 AM

Hot Fall/Winter 2009 - 2010 shoe trends

Designers continue their bold experiments with the new shapes and constructions for stylish and fashionable shoes of today.

shoe trends this season will differ considerably from summer collections with their fun and brightness. First of all, there will be more strict forms and colors. However it is necessary to mention that new autumn designer collections will be much more practical than the last year ones.

Below is a brief review of the boldest models of Fall-Winter 2009/10 footwear collections innovative in their styles and shapes.

More F/W 09-10 shoe fashion…

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Tuesday, September 8th 2009

2:50 AM

Face Washing Dos and Don'ts

Beauty consultants might recommend a facial treatment trifecta — cleanse, tone and moisturize — but dermatologists say that comfortable-for-you cleansing is key, and moisturizing may help some skin types.

First and Foremost: The Cleanser Itself

Use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser to avoid irritating the skin — not one that needs to be wiped away with a tissue or washcloth.

Besides the fact that it washes away with water (use tepid, not hot), all you need to know about a cleanser is that it makes your skin feel soft, clean and neither dry nor greasy. Experts' picks for efficient, mild cleansing: Cetaphil, Aveeno, Neutrogena and Eucerin brands.

Second for Some: A Separate Toner

If you feel you need a toner, think about finding a better-for-you cleanser instead.

A toner's role is to remove oily residue and provide a fresh feeling; it does nothing to firm the skin long-term. With today's rinse-off cleansers, you'll rarely need a toner — you might want one, though, if your face has become oily over the course of the day.

Last but Not Least: Should You Use a Moisturizer? Maybe.

For dry-skin sufferers, a moisturizer can soothe and protect — the test is whether your skin feels too tight. There are many effective moisturizers — try one (sample size available?), then listen to your skin. These brands come recommended: by day, Oil of Olay; while you sleep, Estee Lauder.

Additional Products: A Matter of Preference

  • To exfoliate or not? Removing dead skin cells can make your skin look less dull, but go easy or you could injure skin that's sensitive. Instructs dermatologist Lisa Donofrio, M.D.: Use a little grapeseed or olive oil, a non-soap cleanser like Burt's Bees or Cetaphil, or a cold cream such as Pond's, and with the rough side of a washcloth make small, gentle circles all over your face.
  • Can creams turn you into a cover girl? These three ingredients are common in face creams:
    • Retinoids. For rejuvenation of photo-damaged skin, these members of the vitamin A family (the best-known being Retin-A) are effective — in prescription concentrations, at least — in reducing wrinkles, as well as clearing up acne.
    • Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Also known as fruit acids, these can give the skin a luster by keeping the skin free of dead cells. Over-the-counter preparations don't make as dramatic a difference as the ones used by dermatologists.
    • Antioxidants. The vitamins A, C and E are said to have the ability to protect and possibly repair the skin by fighting destructive molecules called free radicals.
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Wednesday, January 21st 2009

3:50 AM

How to Choose Flattering Lingerie for a Small Bust

Let’s face it—some of us don’t even need a bra.

Still, want to look our sexiest, particularly when wearing our laciest little number.

If you do have a small bust, here are a few good tips for choosing lingerie:

  • Choose small delicate shapes that won't overwhelm your bust. The idea is not to cover the breast, but to bring it out.
  • Choose a bra made with less material. Basically the less of the fabric of the bra there is, the better your bust will look. Demi cups and balconette cups look good on smaller breasts.
  • Select flattering shapes. Triangle cups look great! Or, any bra that has hardly any fabric between the cups (where they are joined).
  • Go for fabrics that look light and delicate. Lace and net looks nice, because there is more skin on show, making more of the breasts visible.
  • Prefer thin delicate straps over thick ones. These look prettier and emphasize your assets in a better way.
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Wednesday, January 14th 2009

3:41 AM

How to Determine your Bra Size

Determining Band Size
Measure around your body, just under your arms but have the measuring tape meet at a point above your upper chest area. Do not make it too tight or too loose. If the number is even, then that is your band size (i.e. 34”). If your measurement is an odd number then add 1”. For example, if you measured 31” then round up to 32”..

STEP 2: Determining Cup Size

To ensure accuracy, we recommend you measure yourself while wearing an unpadded bra. Using a measuring tape, measure around your body across the fullest part of your bust. Again, this should not be too tight or too loose. To calculate your cup size, subtract your band size from Step 1 from your cup measurement. The following chart provides sizing details.

Difference Cup Size
Less than 1” AA
1” A
2” B
3” C
Most manufacturers assume a 1” difference between cup sizes but some use 1½” or even 2”
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Monday, January 12th 2009

5:37 AM

Healthy Hair Tips

Beautiful hair is certainly a great nature’s gift. Unfortunately, there are lots of things that could make them unhealthy.

How can we give dry and damaged hair back its strength and lustre? Balanced diet and care will sure help you get healthy and magnificent mane. Here are some simple but useful tips for the healthy hair.

Beautiful Hair Diet

    * Include plenty of fatty acids into your diet. They are provided by tuna, salmon, cereals, nuts, olives and vegetable oil.

    * To fight off greasy hair, cut down on fatty and spicy foods. Doing so, you restore the balance of sebum secretion.

    * Your hair will respond well to vitamins A and B which can be found in brown rice and various nutritional supplements.

Fashion and beauty tips

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Saturday, January 10th 2009

3:25 AM

Women’s Hair Trends 2009

If you love to be in the center of attention, if you prefer wearing only trendy clothes you just cannot do without that are in vogue this season.

The choice for you is huge: extremely short, extremely girly, extremely sexual or extremely slick. However, for those more conservative there are a bob style and a mermaid romantic image.

The Cropped Bob & The Pixie Crop

If you cut the bob in 2008 and want to look stylish in 2009 you have plenty of choices. You may want to let your hair grow out or do something more extreme with your hair. No matter what you choose you will be fashionable.

Continue reading about Women’s Hair Trends 2009
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